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MUSIC AND CULTURE: Nuance Special Feature, summer 2010: --  'Latent Talent- Introducing Dr. Brian May and T.R. Williams'. -

Brian May Feature- PR

Astrophysicist Brian May's venture into stereoscopic photography and English local history..


Also in MUSIC AND CULTURE: Nuance Archetypal Archive features my interview with the late, great Bo Diddley 'Signifying Blues' and a biographical feature on B.B. King, marking his 8oth birthday titled 'Mississippi Flood'.

Mississippi Flood- B.B. King Nuance Feature

In SPIRITUALITY:  Nuance features Near-death experiences:  an exploration of the organic, psychological and spiritual experiences and phenomena, currently challenging the conventional scientific orthodoxy that suggests consciousness is isolated exclusively to the brain..

Near-Death Experiences: Nuance Special Feature Link.

In CULTURE AND METAPHYSICS:  'Abstract Maxims' exopolitical blog 2008 is now archived containing my L.A. Chronicle feature 'Exopolitics and Abstract Truths'-   exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, political implications and institutions involved in the study of extraterrestrial life.  This emerging field is establishing an increasingly persuasive reputation, cultivating a positive political and academic niche. 

Abstract Maxims 2008 Link.

PREVIEW:  My exopolitical blog for 2009 is now available with current critique from a diverse selection of featured recommended web sources and links, airing some fresh, penetrating material including:

Chartering the immortal dimension-  the physical parameters of integrated consciousness and the chilled universe:  All credit to the ever evocative India Daily who remind us that the 'quantum zeno effect' should be placed firmly in our exopolitical conceptual palette.  The quantum zeno effect is discussed in relation to the concept of  integrated consciousness and this phenomena is  contextualised further through their theoretical construct of the immortal dimension, 'chilled universe'.  The theorised quantum zeno effect acts to challenge traditional boundary conditions asserted through 'normal' science.    Abstract Maxims 2009 Resume

Further sources: A History of Government UFO Investigations from the UK National Archives and discussion from the Open Minds Forum on crucial environmental issues including evaluation of comparative evidence for global warming or the converse scenario- a return to the ice age. .


I have been evolving a range of parapsychological papers for Paranormal Scholar, now linked in via Nuance features.  The papers are titled, ''Parapsychology.  Methodological Issues:  The Efficacy Of Allied Traditions".  Paper 2 is:  " How To Offer A Constructive Methodological Contribution To Emerging Discourses' and finally " Reiki and Shamanic Energetic Systems:  In The Field With The Big Cats".





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